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The Writer’s Bar

David F Williams, PhD, DSc, FREng, FLSW
Author, Scientist & Consultant
Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Raffles Hotel, Singapore

The Writer’s Bar

For an eternity it seemed
The British Empire rose and set
Each day on Beach Road
Where Stamford Raffles made his home
At the height of their literary fame
The Writer’s Bar in his eponymous hotel
Harvested some giants of the day
With Noel, Somerset and Rudyard
Also the occasional ubiquitous interloper
When Hemingway graced Singapore
We noted nobody of fame when we last stayed there
But Joe, on the piano, stole the show
Two bright shoes, one yellow, one red
Could have been Paul Robeson
Deep base voice and eyes to match
Later, on the roof, by the quiet bar
We shared some views, over a sling or two
A wonderful face, a beautiful mind

Raffles Hotel, Singapore

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