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Giving speeches, as opposed to lectures, papers or seminars, can be daunting. Sometimes they have to be delivered after a dinner, or at a special occasion such as a birthday or retirement, or perhaps at a corporate event. I have given quite a few speeches in my life, although most often they have been informal and, therefore, without any intention to be archived, or even remembered. However, I do have written versions of some of these speeches, one in Orlando, Florida, one in Maui, Hawaii, one in Helsinki, Finland, one in Rhodes, Greece and one in Melbourne, Australia. We provide links to the pdf versions of all five here.

It is not possible to draw any lessons from these, they are what they are ! It is, perhaps, self-evident, that they take a long time to prepare and rehearse, and sometimes the odd comment is incomprehensible 20 years later, even if it was funny at the time.

- David F  Williams