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This is Sheffield

David F Williams, PhD, DSc, FREng, FLSW
Author, Scientist & Consultant

As a last contribution to this section, we are able to return from overseas visits to our special, peaceful home in safe natural surroundings in North Carolina. The house is ‘Sheffield Place’. The title of the poem is also reflective of another English City, Liverpool, where I lived and worked for 40 years; The ground of the soccer team Liverpool, FC is known as ‘Anfield’ and at the entrance to the stadium where opposing players step onto the field is the notice “This is Anfield”.

This is Sheffield

A firefly fluoresces for a fleeting favor
Squirrel struggles for seeds in the squirrel-proof stand
From the heavens a huge heron hesitates above the holly hedge
And crows caw, creating confusion over the creek
A hare hangs about under the hibiscus
Chipmunk chutters and chews on the chaff
The occasional owl occupies our oak
While the hawk harries anything hurrying bye
Cardinals compete with the color of clematis
Hummingbirds hover over honeysuckle hues

Sheffield is sure to secure
The sound of silence

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, July 2016

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