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In North Carolina

A Collection of Poems from Hiraeth and Ubuntu:
The Poetry of David Williams ~ An Anthology, 2003-2023

The Trade Circle

We moved to North Carolina from Europe (Liverpool and Brussels) in 2008, and, quite naturally, found many differences. We realized very early, however, that there was a strong connection between some of the places we had known, largely centered around the eighteenth century slave trade.

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Child’s Play

I find it difficult to write poetically about science; it is possible to write some good lines but to retain meaning is not easy. This poem is about stem cells, describing them in terms and objects that should be familiar, especially to those who live in our area.

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Two Old Men, Four Brown Shoes

A guest at a Christmas house party, also going by the name ‘David’ and also being of Celtic origin, looked at my feet and exclaimed that I was wearing brown shoes, as was he, this being an unusual event for both us. My reply was that this would be a poem by the morning.

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The Cul de Sac Trilogy

We live at the end of a lane, which has only two houses, and which is a cul de sac. Even though it is close to the city center, it has a wonderful, natural feel about it, with abundant wild life and weathers for all seasons. After a short prologue, three evening’s observations found their way into this trilogy.

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- David F  Williams