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A Collection of Poems from Hiraeth and Ubuntu:
The Poetry of David Williams ~ An Anthology, 2003-2023

Lost Memories at the Table

Table Mountain in Cape Town is a wonderful sight, especially on a beautiful spring evening, sitting on the Waterfront; but the whispery clouds that form on the table, summon some other ideas.

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The Power of Creativity

We still live within a cauldron of creativity, but only just, as the influence of technologies interferes with creative processes – and we are not even addressing artificial intelligence here.

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The Same But Different; Freedom and Knowledge

At a poetry reading in Franschhoek, I was aware that a black man from Zimbabwe, who we had come to know and respect very well through his service at a restaurant, was going to come to the event – his first experience with poetry. His name was Knowledge and throughout his early life he had struggle to be free in his own country before migrating to South Africa. This was written with him in mind.

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Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation, best epitomized by the work of Archbishop Tutu in South Africa, are two words that should sit well together, but human nature is not always generous.

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Ward C

Hospitals are rarely bright and beautiful places, as worried patients, families and friends mix with earnest professionals doing their best for those in their care. I have a genetic condition that is not at all troublesome, as long as I have five or six phlebotomies every year, where a volume of blood, and the excess iron it contains, is removed from my body and thrown away. My condition thus requires me to attend a hospital, wherever in the world we are, for this procedure, which is usually done in the cancer ward – since that is where hematologists largely work and where the nurses have the skills to painlessly get into the veins. So I am treated in a ward surrounded by patients with the most serious of conditions.

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Passwords, the bane of our lives; we can’t do without them, but they should be as memorable as a good glass of wine. Rickety Bridge is a vineyard in Franschhoek.

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Quantum Dot

Medical technology is increasingly becoming reliant on nanotechnology, with all the uncertainties that it brings.

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- David F  Williams