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Special Collections

A Collection of Poems from Hiraeth and Ubuntu:
The Poetry of David Williams ~ An Anthology, 2003-2023

Special Collection I:
Could I, Should I, Run Away

In an unstable world, perhaps more unstable than at any time in the last six or seven decades, it is a salutary experience to reflect on personal and community choices that are faced under extreme circumstances, and on reactions and responses to these choices. Globally, there are many causes of tension and violence. Often these are not simple issues, and several factors may coalesce at the point where the volcano erupts. In this quartet of poems, I reflect on the role of color in human conflict, but subsume other features such as race and religion, within the dialogue. I specifically look at conflicts that involve black on black, majority black on minority white, minority black on majority white, and white on white.

Franschhoek, South Africa and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA,

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- David F  Williams